CCTV maintenance

Regular CCTV maintenance means that your equipment is always working perfectly, your staff is fully trained and you’re completely informed of data protection legislation.


New Customers

If you require us to supply and install CCTV in your home or commercial premises, you are automatically eligible for CCTV maintenance cover.We offer annual agreements, payable monthly by standing order.

Maintenance Only Customers

If you have an existing set-up and just require regular CCTV maintenance, we’ll carry out an initial inspection to determine its current condition and eligibility for one of our cover plans.

Non-maintenance Cover Customers – Pay as You Go

It’s not a problem if you’d rather not enter into an annual maintenance agreement. We can simply attend to your equipment and training needs as and when you need it. Call out charges for non-maintenance customers range from £65 to £90 for the first hour.

CCTV Maintenance Rates

The CCTV maintenance rates listed below are for static cameras only.
All CCTV camera set-ups are subject to an initial inspection before entering into an agreement. If the inspection reveals that initial work is required this can be arranged and an advance charge levied.

Separate Charges

For pan tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras, separate service charges apply.
Please contact us for details.