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Theft, Vandalism, Staff Intimidation, Data Theft, Even Grudge Attacks – Don’t let them get away with it.

Whatever their motive, get irrefutable proof of identity and evidence-quality recording of every action – plus a significant deterrent – from a professionally designed and installed CCTV system for your business premises.

It’s a proven fact that quality video images can not only speed up the investigation process but also significantly increase the chance of securing a conviction.

On its own or linked with any of our advances alarm and access control systems, CCTV is a major step in keeping your property, your staff and your entire business safe from harm.


Can you afford not to be protected?

If you don’t currently have a professional CCTV installation set-up it might be worth considering one. Our systems provide superior quality image reproduction, up to 31 days stored video footage; and you can even see what your cameras are seeing from your smart phone.

Perhaps you already have CCTV installed but need some advice on your legal obligations. Or maybe your insurance company wants to increase your premiums due to a lack of security. Installing CCTV is only part of our job, and we would be delighted to come along to your business premises and provide a full consultation with the purpose of saving you money, and of course, protecting your staff and premises.